Care Kit Packing Party


We had our very first packing party! You might be wondering why this is a big deal, huh? Well, it is!  It has always been our mission to give back to our local community in creative and innovative ways. When the opportunity became available for us to partner with Centro Seguro to help secure toiletries donations, we knew that this was something we could totally get on board with.  However, getting the number of care kits they needed was a little more challenging than we thought.  We spread the word and also invited the community through Talk for Freedom Podcast to join in donating the items.  Time was passing and we realized we needed a quicker way to secure the items because Centro Seguro was in serious need of them.  That is when we decided to be a blessing and donate the first 200 kits ourselves.  Our team was so pumped and we are so grateful that we were able to make this happen.  


Our efforts will continue in requesting donations from our community members. This will be an ongoing effort because Centro Seguro is in need to give these Care Kits to each youth that enters their center throughout the year.   We also had the opportunity to get our community members involved by securing volunteers to help pack the kits.  It was special to see that adults, teens, and children are eager to help those in need.


Our volunteers were so amazing that we finished packing 200 care kits in less than an hour! 
The other cool opportunity we had, was engaging our volunteers in writing 'Letters of Love'.  Each care kit included a letter of love which is an anonymous encouraging note to let the recipient of the care kit know that they are important, loved and worthy.    We had adults to young children writing these special notes.


As a human trafficking awareness team, we may not be fighting HT in the streets or rescuing victims, but we do everything we can to help those organizations that are.  We believe that partnerships are crucial and each of us can do something to help.  We will continue to spread awareness on the issue, but we will also step in to support those organizations in our city that are specialized in those areas to fight HT.  


If you would like to help donate Centro Seguro with donations, please see the Outreach Page on how you can help.  Again, these efforts will be ongoing and we need all of the help we can get.  There are many creative ways you can help and get involved.  Start brainstorming and see how you can get a group of your friends to help you gather toiletries.  If you want some ideas, check those out, here


We look forward to hosting many more of these packing parties and would love for you to help us pack them!  Stay connected. Follow us on social media or join our mailing list.  We hope to see you at a packing party soon!

Cecilia Lopez