When every one becomes aware of human trafficking, it is no longer hidden in plain sight.



Mission Statement:
We are a catalyst of awareness and prevention on the issue of human trafficking; by equipping, educating, and being a resource to our community.

A21 Freedom Chasers Pillars

  • Awareness- Engage the City of San Antonio, and the surrounding areas through various platforms to present the severity of this crime in our city. Host a freedom walk in October to bring awareness to the issue, and hope to the victims.

  • Development- Provide meaningful educational presentations, and life saving techniques to the public.

  • Outreach- Establishing partnerships and efforts to support other organizations that work toward ending human trafficking in the city of San Antonio, the nation, and the world.

The Freedom Chasers is part of the AACAT – Alamo Area Coalition Against Trafficking, and works closely with other non – profit organizations whose mission is also to prevent, protect, and see the crime of human trafficking end.

What is an A-team?
A-Teams are an extension of A21 and the fuel behind the mission–going to unreached places with the message of freedom. We believe that with grit, tenacity, and dedication, we can abolish slavery everywhere, forever. (A21.org)

Who is A21?
A21  “is a nonprofit organization fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. We are the abolitionists of the 21st century. We work with you to free slaves and disrupt the demand.”




Cesar Lopez

Team Lead

 For many years I've turned a blind eye to these gross and hateful acts. Mostly for ignorance. I love helping people and once I started to become more familiar with human trafficking and seeing it firsthand when eating at an everyday restaurant I knew I could no longer stand to let this happen. I'm in it to end it. Not only for a moment, but abolish it completely.


Lea Santana

Team Member

I'm a native of San Antonio, Texas married to Ariel Santana and mother of two boys, Jakob, and Lukas.  My husband and I are currently pastors at Restoring Hope Church of God in San Antonio, Texas. I am self employed and my business name is L.E.A. Of Organization. I currently study Biblical Studies (at Central Region Ministerial Education), and also studied Business (at Northwest Vista College). In addition, I have also participated in Ministry Classes studying Trauma Healing. I am also an author and have written Rising From The Ashes currently published in 2017. I have joined A21 Freedom Chasers to bring awareness to our local churches and organizations in San Antonio about what is happening in our own back yards. It's time we stand in the gap by taking action, being a resource and giving hope!


Mark Lopez

Team member

I'm a San Antonio native and first in family to graduate from college from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Although I aspired to excel in the business world, my heart for people always let me back to serve in the community. I have served the homeless, children in the foster care systems and diverse families in need in our community. I have had the opportunity to interact with International clientele that come from prestigious backgrounds as well as disadvantage youth. In my current role as a training coordinator for an international foster care program, I have seen firsthand how common human trafficking is and how often it happens without our acknowledgement. I chose to be a freedom chaser because I felt if not me, than who will? Who will be the voice of a generation enslaved in modern day slavery in plain sight? I'm  glad to reach my community with a team of volunteers who are willing to extend a hand, lift a voice and change the world.


Cindy Lopez

Team member

I became a part of this amazing organization because I wanted to make a difference in this world. If not me, who? We are the hands and feet of Christ and I knew that here is where I could use the gifts and talents God blessed me with.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Development and Masters of Arts in Administration with a concentration in Communications.  I strongly believe that we are the generation that will abolish slavery!



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San Antonio, Texas 78268


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